Max B

"When I Wake Up"


Got to do this sh*t right Boss Don Biggavel another rap classic for you n*ggas good to see you baby I thought we were on the same page but we ain’t even in the same motherf*cking book sing it yea

c*ck that nine i got a grip the llama on my hip mama she need another hit give her what she need because I rather her get this sh*t from me then another n*gga talking about he sold mama the D fallen apples from the tree they green I red give me money for my harmony I can get you armoury I can turn the 4 to 8 then I turn the 8 to 12 eat a fillet then I chase you down give this b*tch the roach tell her baby come we can travel far i’m a fly you in and out of state buy you in and out of capes daddy been neglecting you I’ma make it better I just got to get my money first ride around with Sc*mmy first waiting on the summertime b*tches they get naked got to see them from there head to toe lick them from the head to toe beat it then I let them go (Let Em Go) alrighty girl (Right) here goes your cab nighty nighty girl

Every day that I wake up I don’t feel like the usual (I Don’t Feel It) I be trying to get my cake up (Cake Up) in a couple mill I’ll be feeling good sorry that we had to break up (Break Up) I thought the feeling was mutual baby I didn’t mean to do to youuuuuu”

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