"XO / The Host (cøzybøy Version)"

[Verse 1]
Shots of the Henny, bottles of Patron
Blunts to your face, you don't wanna sing no more, lost your C notes
Cabbed all day, took the bus back home
Evictions on your door, blame it on the weed, blame it on the booze
Blame it on the night life, light's passin' you, yeah
Just don't blame it on me, that you wanna come and party
With a - like me, 'cause I get it
You're built like a Goddess
And it seems like you been stressin'
'Specially when your nose red
From that K, special Diet Coke
You need more bread, ‎now you got no rent
You blow that money, money
You try to window shop, you blow another hundred
She's f*ckin' goons in the day
Hipster nights downtown and your daddy don't know you're out

If they don't let you in
You know where to find me
'Cause if you wanna go again
You can always call me
'Cause all we ever do is love
Open up ya' mind, you can find the love
Girl you ain't alone
We all been alone
Baby just be honest

(XO) Don't you forget
(XO) Don't you worry 'bout a thing
(XO) We'll be everything you need, just believe
(XO) Yea, (XO) whoa

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