"I’m Tired (Interlude)*"


Yeah, tired of all these f*ck n*ggas, yeah
Thought I made it clear that I don't f*ck with ya, yeah
So don't be actin' like you f*ck with me
'Cause every n*gga 'round me know they stuck with me
I put my hands in the life, what would you?
He keep on playin', Dre gon' take him on a cruise, yeah
Make him his b*tch, slap him 'round like Terry Crews, yeah
And I stay broke before I ever pay them dues, yeah

'Cause you a b*tch ass n*gga
Chopper give a f*ck about a rich ass n*gga
And I wouldn't give a f*ck if you was big mad, n*gga
All those n*ggas that you signin', they just big trash, n*gga
They know I'm that n*gga
I might be the first n*gga gon' die 'bout my sh*t
I might be the first n*gga who'll ride 'bout my sh*t
Girl, I might kiss my mama a goodbye 'bout this sh*t
'Cause they ain't gon' ride 'bout this sh*t
They ain't even gon' die 'bout this sh*t, oh, yeah

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