I Can Love You lyrics



[Verse 1]
You told me that I was the one for ya
I guess just another one for ya
Played wit my heart like that sh*t fun to ya
Know you love the chase but I can’t run to ya
Who love you better than me
Who f*ck you better than me
All love without no envy aw
Last conversation got aggressive
You know I hate to be possessive
But who can love you better
Girl who can love you better
Like do you love me never
And I love you forever
But who can love you better
I guess all those memories they was forgetting
You lucky that my heart is for forgiving aw
Like you just want me to break down and forget it nah
Question all yo motives and yo intentions aw

Like who can love you
He can’t love you if I can’t love you
Like who can love you

(I love you)
[Verse 2]
Don’t hit up my mans tellin him you miss me
You had ya chance believe it or not Ripley’s
You thought the grass was greener sh*t is dingy
I’m good love enjoy to put it simply
Heard about them lames you f*ckin man that sh*t disgusting
And tell yo friends to keep my name out shop discussions
Like ain’t it a statue of limitations from the time we was f*ckin
It shouldn’t be a discussion
Talkin bout you love me better than who?
You f*ck me better than who?
You must be smokin that woo
You must had too many shots of that 1942
And you ain’t change at all you think the world revolving you

Like who can love you
He can’t love you if I can’t love you

[Verse 3]
Caught in the moment you caught in the moment
Went and got some money and start actin funny
Went and got a body act like somebody
Too many Rosé’ minis got you feelin dizzy
Talkin bout you love me better look at how you did me
And when you tell the story it’s a spin off
That’s why every time you try to speak to me I spin off
The life I live a movie and the life you live a spin off
Started listening to City Girls and you changed
Started hangin out wit ole girl and you changed
Went and got ya ass done and you changed
Attention came wit it that’s when you changed
I Even went and bought you diamonds wit some loose change
I guess you gettin use to ya new fame
I guess that I’m the only one to blame
I guess that I’m the only one to (blame)
I was here when you was findin you
I just wanted you to do it too
It was really hard to speak it all to you
That’s why I spilled it all in the booth
I guess I wasn’t movin as you wanted to
Or when you wanted to so you held me accountable
Yeah you was real slick wit the audible
Switched up last minute like (SWITCH)
I stayed down thick or thin what I was tryna do
Damn Juvey look at where it got you
In a million years I wouldn’t of thought it not you
The woman that I thought was you was not you
I was there for you when you needed me and look how you treated me
That sh*t happened repeatedly
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