Audi Purge lyrics



Runnin' through your city, '40 auto
Back to back suburbans in them tahoes (Yeah)
I'm still playing this sh*t as cool as I can (Yeah)
Get a system on that choppa, got a fan (Grahh)
Tell her momma, "I'mma hit you when I can"
I'm too busy, I be locked up in the gym
Way too important to be treated like I'm them
Like b*tch, you must not know who I am

[Verse 1]
Blocked lil mama, then I went and got a bad b*tch (Yeah)
Talking out yo neck, you gon' make me turn my savage (Uh)
Stripper b*tch, she must eat her rice and cabbage
She say it, spray it, she like papi ain't no catfish
She a freak, she must love it when I smack it (Yeah)
She ain't got a lock it, Jerry [?]
Momma said, she tweet on that she too reckless
You gon' have to spite without yo' checklist
Them type of b*tches that be asking what a check is
The type of b*tches gotta check in
The type of b*tches that play chess, but not chessin'
The type of b*tches ain't stressin'

[Verse 2]
Take a flight to L.A
When I land, you know who I'm tryna see
She be working out, girl come sit that ass on me
Sorry we couldn't work it out, girl, whatchu want to be?
Everything on me
She the only b*tch up in my future, that I see (Woah)
[Open Verse]
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