Saturday Night lyrics



I met him on a saturday night
White shirt blue jeans, his eyes
Oh yah they got me so hypnotized
And i can't get him out of my mind

Uuu what should i do
Uuu if my papa finds out bout me and u
Uuu it won't be good

Hey papa papa dont fight it
I like this boy
Oh papa papa he likes me
And we re in love
Ey papa papa remember
When u were young
Oh papa papa
Let me have some fun

He asked me if im up for a dance
Oh no guess what comes next
I felt his body so close to mine
My heart was beating fast that night

Whеn you re gone i feel out of my mind
When you rе gone I dont feel by your side
When you re gone i feel out of my mind
It’s not yhe same, same saturday night
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