[Intro: Dappy]
Woah, yeah

[Verse 1: Dappy]
Dude, our style's expensive, last week, I spent twenty-one bills
This time last year, I was in the can doing like badman, now I got a deal, uh
f*ck boys like, "Where you been?" Real ones like, "I know you'd win"
How many goals did I score last week? It's lookin' like twenty-one nil, aw sh*t
She see the way I'm livin' on Insta', now she wanna try out trill, aw sh*t
Now she wanna live in a house on the hill, like Jack and Jill, like Jack and
We know you're leng, way more than a ten, but d'you know the drill? (Buba)
'Cah when it all comes tumblin' down, you go elsewhere to get a cheap trill

Where were you when they rejected my appeal? I only see you when my drip's on spill
They all wanna ride in the passenger side 'til you end up in Scrubs or the 'Ville
I really used to love wildin', think how much P's I splashed on designer
But how am I gonna dash all this cash, when I can get it free on a rider

[Pre-Chorus: Russ]
I really don't care, really out here
Crash that man's pear, know them ones there
Maybe not flares, my jeans are so rare
I'm drippin', no tears (Splash, splash)

[Chorus: Dappy]
Splashin' on Louie (Louie), Fendi (Fendi)
We're icey (Icey), pricey (Pricey)

Run down the bust-down (Woah)
Plenty envy
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