I get my c*ck sucked rockin' a fitted
Overseas I broke these dude's faces in to pieces and got acquitted
Skeezes worship me like Jesus but I rarely f*ck em'
I'd rather duck em' don't want diseases
Pick out my nose hairs with tweezers
I'm so fly b*tches can't believe they gettin' the privilege to please this
f*ck Jesus, Necros better
An underground legend that'll bludgeon your pus*y
Full fledged gasms et cetera
My c*cks a Beretta you're wetter than Niagara
Viagra virility my game ability, bag ya
I got a gangsta swagger, my p*nis is a dagger
A genius with the gift of gab, lift you up and gag ya'
Stare in a b*tches eyes, so she could see I'm the realness
Like anybody that snitches dies
f*ck a b*tch in the kitchen, her thighs touching utensils
Weird tension, I got the sickest credentials
Quick to make a b*tch lick the genitals at intervals
Put me in a club with dimes and Necros gonna pull
Then close, take off your clothes f*ckin' blow me
I'm down to f*ck a Kardashian suck it Khloe

You give me, you give me the streetest taboo
You give me, you're givin' me the streetest taboo
Never too hood for me...word

I'm Necro, you never heard of me? Pardon you
That's because you've been listening to garbage
You're f*ckin' retarded
Don't get me started you're way soft
You disrespect me, son, I'll smack your whole f*ckin' face off
I rep Brooklyn and I'm more than gully
Too hood for my own good, run up on you rockin' a skully
Violence is the sweetest taboo f*ckin' pus*y
And you could never roll with me homie you're too pus*y
Don't be pushy, fall back, take it easy
The soldiers I roll with they get real greazy
Leave you in the ER, gushin' with concussions
Punches hittin' your skull like this beat's percussion
Stuffin' up everyone in the club, f*ckin' snuff em'
Bouncers could get it too, he ain't tough touch em'
Thug sh*t

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