"Rock The Kazbah"

Realer than your favorite rapper
b*tches sweat it when they see me set it, behave or I'll slap ya
Son, then get pus*y after
Spoil your plans - kid, you ain't got no loyal fans
You're a fad, while I hit up the pad like an oil can
Biss painting of a gargoyle with fangs hanging off the ledge
Resembling Satan covered in boils; cutting edge
I pledge allegiance to keepin' it real
I hope you peepin' it, what the deal?, you know the spiel
I'll cut your grill, headbutt you ill
Elbow you cause I don't know you, I'll show you what brutal is
Leave hematobin on your dome, duke
Let the chrome puke
Vomiting bullets at your mullet like comets hitting prominent
Body parts, pop off your yarmulke
Dominant like the Yakuza, you're chicken like yakitori
Your grill is yucky after the Glock leaves you gory, yuppie
I'm a pit - you're a puppy
I'm piranha, you guppy
I'm the Master Of Puppets and you're a Muppet, Giuseppe
You Le Pew like Pepé, you're preppy
You ever step to me I'll shlep a sh*t-bag on your hip, homo-hippie
Gippy, the blood is drippy, sweet like Libby's nectar
It's gettin' nippy, violence is trippy
Witness me jig a neck up, split your wig - it's a check-up
Kid, you dig? It's a stick-up
My TEC hiccups metal Chiclets
You're a di*kless eunuch, puny like Terry Noonan
Rocking a uni-brow, you bow to a cow in human
Putrid like the smell of a hasidimich humid
Weather; the fumes are worse than Arafat's head wrap entombed
You're a f*ckin' has-been, a toy like Hasbro, boy
Rock the casbah, my Glock destroys

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