I'm as good as it comes
Burn your pus*y worse than a germ with my acid sc*m
Get left with a bast*rd son
Let's see if you can blow me as fast as gum
Let's get freakier than sex between a pastor and nun
And both of them haven't c*m since they were young
I plaster my sc*m on your tongue, it's like blasting a gun
Into your lung
Look at me as I stick my di*k in you, I won't get sick of you
But I might get sick from you and die like AIDS victims do
That's why I rock a rubber as thick as you, even though
f*ckin' with a rubber's odd; my di*k still stays just as hard
The lover god with the vein-covered rod
Leave ya vulva scarred
Pulverize your pelvis - cheilitis, your panties slip down your hips
Flash your tits and clitoris, now you can practice splits on my lips
f*ck ya tunnel of bronze with batons
Anyone can con a blonde, kid, you don't have to be The Fonz

[Outro/Bridge {*Sung*}]
I come home and dress sexy anytime ya call
I got my fat ass bouncing on your di*k like a ball
You're so hard you're makin' my pus*y hurt
Pumpin' like a shotgun, c*ck it, push it 'til you squirt
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