You Ho (Bonus) lyrics



Verse 1:

Another anthem, b*tch, take your pants off and panties, and prance around I control your as*h*le like Manson
Face down, ass up, you Myspace sl*t, get gassed up, eat ass and get your face cut
Beautiful pus*y, suitable to f*ck, recruitable c*nts, I'm the most reputable perv in your doodie hole
Rap Larry Flint, tappin' a fat bunga, slap it, lick it, chicas dancin' on Telemundo
Bite your flesh, dirty Dracula, derelict, Doggystyle, attackin' a back 'til you weigh ya sh*t!
Bony heretic, blasphemous, against any crude wench, corny b*tch eat my massive di*k for lunch!
The pornographer photographer, the illest new millennium enema cinematographer
Suckin' your big sexy jugs, f*ckin' pig, I'm the next thug in line to get you crossed then rigged!


You ho, I'll f*ck you rip your c*nt out the frame! (What?)
You f*ckin' ho, I'll f*ck you then remember your name! (Yeah!)
You ho (HO!), I'll f*ck you rip your c*nt out the frame! (f*ck you!)
You f*ckin' ho, I'll f*ck you then remember your name! f*ckin' b*tch!

Verse 2:

You're slavin', you're shaven, your pus*y cravin' you with your Avon makeup and A-cups my name engraved in you
Right on ya ass the N symbol, my invincible di*k in you every inch doin' the unthinkable!
Ill kid, f*ckin' hoes like Vince Neil did, the real hood, Dr. Feelgood, my c*ck chill did
Trojan lifestyles, Durex, f*ckin' your ex in the ass on X, a Maxell in your Vecks!
Girls, Girls, Girls, like I got Tourettes, sperm coat your throat like some Prits!
Skeez with herpes, sippin' c*m like Slurpees, you're a disease lookin' beef j*rkies, chicken turkies
Octopus*y provocative hussy, my pork is Mötley Crüe orgy it's a must see!
Workin' a brass pole, got a puff in the glass bowl, now I'm f*ckin' Vita Geter's as*h*le



You stupid b*tch! Necro the Sexorcist! Get naked hoe! You stupid f*ckin' c*nt! PLR die!
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