Lanny Barbie Verse (Bonus) lyrics



Lanny Barbie, sexual zombie, like burgers from Arby's, j*rkin' me off 'til her arms bleed
Penthouse Pet, f*ckin' for large amounts of bread, don't pull your di*k out her ass it ain't brown yet
She sucks around head covered in her own ass fluid smothered in putrid, she even f*cked a week after she had a new kid
It's beyond belief, she's cuttin' queefs, in front of f*ckin' creeps call her cheap 'cause she's takin' it all balls deep
We take pleasure in sin, she's a treasure, her measurements are 36, 25, 35, livin' the dirty life
At age 21, a French croissant, jean à pounet?, you blonde, a pet, moron, savant
Her pus*y get you open like a drop-top, she's steamin' like a hot wok, watch her pop c*ck!
She bleeds from her ass while sh*t hangs, she got gangbanged before throwin' her away she's like a boomerang

Chorus (x2):

Sexy sl*ts: Been There Done That, watch her pop c*ck
Sexy sl*ts: Been There Done That, hosted by Jerry Butler
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