Black Hole Verse (Bonus) lyrics



I'm down for debauch in Kimora Lee's mouth (baby...), Russell can't handle that, man handle that, tie her hands up, candlewax in her ass crack, a hooker on crack the hook-up, the sl*t's crooked so she gets tooken!
Roxy suckin' my c*ck-sy, all 106 inches in Central Park
Got her an Oxycontin's bondage her and Foxy, spreadin' the pics through a porno proxy server Jack needle perverter!
Gimme a plate o' Trina, her ass is the shade of tahina use a plunger like Abner Louima!
You f*cked a Wendy Williams type b*tch, that eat pipe b*tch, big bonе, manly women diesel transvеstite snatch!
Well I f*cked Danity Kane, catchin' brain from Vanity, it's an Amityville Horror killin' her renal cavity!
R&B singers, Badfoot stick fingers in her as*h*le, smell it b*tch the stench lingers like castor oil!
I got a passion for havin' Kim Kardashian's ass in my hands I'll film it then cash in on it!
f*ck that b*tch during a fashion run, Ray J f*cked it, but I'll destroy it AK blast a gun!
Inside her elastic c*nt, pass the blunt, burn her nipples off then p*ss on Hilton her husband's stunned!
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