Broads Verse (Bonus) lyrics



Leave you in cramps, I put metal clamps on your pus*y get you amped up, damped then stick your face in the hamper you tramp
Throwaway sh*t, and you're a throwaway b*tch, now go away b*tch, f*ck your anus to Slayer to Lemmy's kill layer riffs
Girl your species is feces, he-she's and VDs, pee-pee and c*cky, DPs and bukkake, TV!
Someone filling your hole, random n*ggas want night stands, guns, pipes, cans, anything man the bigger the better, bottles of liquor, Berettas, sicker broomsticks are better!
Fizz and six in stilettos, you bet we keepin' it ghetto, all in your pus*y chromosomes, bust thе sperm at twenty horny dirty AIDS-infectеd homos, injected with hormones!
Sharon Mitchell steelo b*tch a creepshow peepshow, eat the beesh you peesh, swallow the Jewish meatloaf slow!
Open your jaws, bustin' goo in your chords, whorebags maneuvre skags, look, a crew of broads! Special Edition! Come over here, b*tch!
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