Blake Rose

"Ordinary People"

[Verse 1]
Met you out late last night
Lost my voice, but you didn't mind
Held my waist to your own
Danced all night and kissed me slow
Morning comes and you text me
We should go somewhere that we
Can hang our souls by our teeth
Falling quickly and ever deep

[Verse 2]
Well you came 'round at half past five
You hate the movies but I didn't mind
I said I know a lookout, dear
We could go not far from here
To cast our minds, rest your head
On my shoulder till you step
On my love, so it seems
My world stops when you look at me

Mmm, when you look at me

I really hope that you don't leave
Like ordinary people
But a fool could see
That you would never be in love as deep
And it tears me apart
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