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Yuh, n*gga you know what it is

Sharp shooter
Sharp shooter
Sharp shooter
Real shooter
Sharp shooter
Sharp shooter
Miami Dade county sharp shooter
Sharp shooter
We some sharp shooters
I'm from Miami Dade county bih I'm a sharp shooter
I real shoot ya
I real do ya
I'm a Miami Dade n*gga, boy I will do ya
Shoutout west Atlanta
They f*ckin' with us
Real street n*gga
Totin' heat n*gga
And if I ain't got it on me I'll still whoop you n*gga
But I'm a sharp shooter
And I'll kill you n*gga
Sharp shooter
Sharp shooter
Came straight from the bottom of the map, boy we will shoot ya
Play with us man, stop typing on y'all computers
And if I'm typing on a computer just know I'll still shoot you
Sharp shooter
Real killer
Real Florida n*ggas
And we some gorillas
Straight up out of that jungle
They don't want no rumble
Real sh*t man
Stop blocking likе Mutombo
Stop tryna stop me from gettin' to the brеad
Stop tyna stop me from gettin' that head
From the badass lil b*tch and you know she gon' suck this di*k in that bed
And these hoes gon' suck di*k
And these hoes be sneakin' and geekin'
If that ho get money I'll rob that ho [?] and she tweakin'
For thinking that she won't get robbed
All these hoes be sucking on that di*k sucking on that corn cob
Real sh*t man you know she suck that di*k she [?]
Sharp shooter
Sharp shooter
Real ass n*gga boy I will do ya
All these f*ck n*ggas talking sh*t ain't shooters
Talking all that gansta sh*t but you ain't no shooter
Sharp shooter
Sharp shooter
Real ass n*gga man that's how we do it
That's real sh*t though man (just like that, straight like that)
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