Red, Part 0 / L0$T lyrics




Alright, let's do this


I can’t do this sh*t
Can’t even do it
I f*cked up, I screwed it
Don’t wanna fall in love, girl, I already knew it
sh*ts a drug, I didn’t wanna do this
I’m not stupid, f*ck Cupid
f*ck it all, all you wanna do is to see me fall
I miss the talks, and I miss the calls
Missed being the one missed, right?
Missed being able to fall asleep at night
I miss it
That’s all I could ever do
All I ever could want is you
I’m f*cked up and it killed my mood
sh*t, it’s 2:19
I’m sick and tired of being stuck in between
When it comes to love, I’m a fiend
But I’m the provider and your the receiver
I didn’t think I do, but I really need her
Now my sky ain’t blue without you here
Not gone from this earth, but inside it’s worse
She left me dead with a curse
Bury me 6 feet in the dirt
f*ck, I don’t think it works
I’m doing this in one take
Mentally I’m dead in one take
Why would you say you love me if it’s all fake?
It’s all games
It’s all playin’
Now I changed, and I’m causing mayhem
I’m not the same, with goes on in my brain then
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