"Ghost (Remix)"

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[Intro: A$AP Rocky]
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
If I want brand new Raf, I'ma hit up Raf
If I want Gucci bags (What?), I’ma hit Alessandro ass (What?)
If I want Louis bags (What?), I'm calling Virgil fast (Yeah)
Kim Jones let me pass, you paying too much tax
Rick Owens on my racks, Rick Owens on my racks
Rick Owens on my back 'cause Lamy threw me that
Nueve on my tag, thank you Johnny, Kate, and Mack (Mack)
Secure the diamonds on me, homie, I ain’t taking that (That)

[Verse 2: Jaden & A$AP Rocky]
Secure the bag for me, for me, for me, for me (Me)
I got the cash, that's stuck to the stash that you never see (Like geez)
You gotta spray, in a broad day like Febreeze, Febreeze, Febreeze (Freeze)
My n*ggas is blessed and we ain't even sneezed
Like geez, geez louise (Yeah)

Runnin' and runnin' and runnin' away, it's like we in Biscayne Keys (Keys)
Rolling and running the wings, she shaking the keys she say pretty please (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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