N***a I’m Ghost

N***a I’m ghost
Power is iller than most
Samurai with the sword
Devil left in cloak
Haters getting attachments
All these women needing advancements
What the hell is the money for?
Can’t even hit climax
You got me involved
Now the evil, (Now the evil)
Got to take notice
Watch the serpents steal bread
And I ain’t talkin bout Hovis
Deaths knocking on doors
Writing letters late for postage
Sorry for playing it modest
Clocks on timeless
Itachi with the stylish
3 dots and I’m savage
Pain is my palace
Clans literal finest
Yeah! It’s all me, (It's all me)
Fears all in your head
Fight me! I’ll make you all bleed
The games already been won
Leaving you all in disbelief
Take you back to my roots
By the end you’ll call me chief!
Speak my name if you wish
Put an X on my list
Amaterasu this Abyss
Killed my clan for a kid
But you think you got the hit
Karma running for a change
Im a genius not deranged
Little psycho in my veins
Me and you are not the same
Im sorry you lost, your insolence was to blame

Play this sh*t in the club for me, uh
If you in there, uh
Uchiha Itachi

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