"No f*ck yall but now i love my girl"

I hate that b*tch that btich she try to f*ck me but guess what b*tch she did"t try to but guess what i got my f*cking gang biches i hate that b*tch she try to suicide me try b*tch think she could but i got my gang on her ass but i think about saveing her but i did so she f*ck me so hader in i love that she lick my boddy in she hope me it feel so good yea i love that b*tch we f*ck all night in it was good but 18 years old in im go big it back right now i love that yea she f*ck me yea what the f*ck you go do but i buy her what she won't yea she didn"t care if i was going no where but i buy her sh*t everyday in that what she like yae don:t touch my gang b*tch yae i will kill you i go a full gang who wanna be it f*ck them b*tch if try to get us yae i dont give a f*ck yea pelope be runing form the cops yae becuase the dont wanna go to jail yae what the f*ck you got say yae bic h mess with me if you wanna to call me that fine wuth me but comnng to my f*ck nah you dead bicth yae yae yae yae yae yea wtf you go do help me bich im dead nope i dont give f*ck but im go save your stupid ass ugly as bich now get the f*ck a way yea yea yea yea yea yae

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