Woahh Vicky

"Went Out Bad, Bhabie"

Ay, f*ck Bhad Bhabie
f*ck Good Bhabie
f*ck all the babies there is
Except Lil Baby and DaBaby, you know what I'm sayin', not them
They fye, but, yeah

First off, f*ck you b*tch (You a jit, you lame)
You the type to sell your mama out (Quick for fame)
You changed your whole grill, your sh*t bucked and wacked (Uh-uhn)
Can't change your whole face, I guess you f*cked for life (Ha)
Let's talk about all of the c*m that you drunk for fame
They sent you out the back door, you still inked the name
Say you from Florida but that's cap talking bout some West Palm
Hit you with this east fist, smack you with this west palm
All that online cap talking bout what you gon' do to me (Cap)
You be pursuing me just to end up suing me
But a pus*y hoe could never ever ruin me (Never)
You got these riders, can't speak your sh*t fluently (Ha)
Try to be silent (f*ck it, now I'm doing me)
If you don't like it, that ain't got sh*t to do with me (Nope)
You the only rap b*tch with a curfew
You dropped an album, you should call it Truancy

b*tch you pulled up to a studio session in my city in Atlanta
And got your ass beat the f*ck up
You pulled up to go see your man Lil Gotit and b*tch you got it-
From me
How you pull up and get your ass beat? (Period)
Ay, g-g-get you some money
G-g-get you some money
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