Vlad* lyrics


Zelly Ocho


[Verse: Trippie Redd & Zelly Ocho]
Tryna [?] like Adele
We got choppas, we got shellies
Man, I'm high, I feel like Zelly (Loesoe goin' crazy)
Yeah, we got money but this look sketchy
Let's go yeah, let's get ready
I had money before you met me
Pockets swolen, they f*ckin' heavy
Told her [?]
Diamonds colored like confetti
VLAD, [?]
Give that money to my bestie
[?] thought I was [?]
Yeah, she think I'm god, she just blessed me
I'm the sh*t, I know she wanna sex me
Big dog, you can't pet me
Lil' b*tch, the bullets hit like [?]
I'm so high, I got [?]
I go up, I took the whole team
Oh sh*t, down like a [?]
I been stackin' with my twins, n*ggas hatin', Mr. [?]
Keep the choppa by my side, man, you n*ggas couldn't hold me
Got a hundred [?] but lil' n*gga, I ain't [?]
Walkin' to my hood, all these hoes [?]
...throw it up
...b*tch, you ain't sh*t, you a lame
Got these n*ggas mad as f*ck 'cause we chosen
[?] no luck
We gon' have to blow up his body to get his stuff
I rather sell my soul up...
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