3 Kings lyrics


Snak The Ripper

[verse 1: Junk]
Y’all a bunch of stuck up pussies y’all some tampons
I’m the type to say no cap with a cap on
Catch me in the trap spot with a lap top
Writing rap songs that is all that I have dog
Mmm hot as elements on the stove stop
Catch a couple bodies got skeletons in a cold box
Nobody stopping me not federals at road blocks
Or Artificial intelligence electrical from robots oh
God/ I'll kill for all a my famiglia
I’m a rapper, when I’m rhyming hold my balls and genitalia
And I’m coming off the wall like any Nazi memorabilia
Kids Is f*cking with us but I ain’t Talking Pedophilia
Cuz we the best music just like a record from Khaled
I see these people gone shoot us with all the lenses and cameras
And I gotta shout out my jeweller man this bezel bananas
You talk sh*t we gone shoot and leave you wet as Atlantis
Got my crew back talk smack it’s an altercation
We fizzing to the top bout to pop this a carbonation
When I try angles Isreal, Star of David
Stay weaving outta arbitration like I’m carpet making
Look, me ain’t no sucker man
And y’all just a bunch crooked squares Umbro brand
Yes I’m coming for the duffle bag on my hustle man tip
Like my f*ckin hungry mans is gang sh*t
[verse 2: Snak The Ripper]
These b*tches want the bars, well I’m the Barbarian
Take em to the grave yard cause every bar bury em
This a royal flush, just play the cards I’m carrying
Can’t see my section every bar caesarean
They lookin at me like damn he arrogant
Talk sh*t and get your knee popped like Nancy Kerrigan
Hold up, they waiting on me but the waits over
I put the fear in em, enough to make a crackhead straight sober
They study my style under microscopes
I got that chemistry, like protons and isotopes
f*ckin with me’s like OD'ing on a micro dose
The only feedback you getting when your mics too close
Feel like andre the giant, cause I got me a posse
Full of shooters like paparazzi, proof nobody could stop me
Yo this is stealth bomb, sh*t’ll melt ya cell phone
Everyone’s the target now, we bout drop a hell storm
Now we, keepin em stuck, like parking out in the traffic
I’m Flexing on any style, cause I target the demographic
You mother f*ckers know me, goin hard and my pen is classic
As soon as I hit the track, ya neck snappin like an elastic
Demand is always up cause they know that I supply
The kind of dope that get you high like a drone up in the sky
Stick my foot so deep into your f*ckin colon you could die
I got psychopathic tendencies, I’m holding em inside
[verse 3: Young Stitch]
Y'all see just see old pus*y like Luke Perry
When we pull up theres big wheels spinning like Drew Carey
So who's scary, my dudes bury em all
And put that nickel to your pillow they call me the tooth fairy
What the roads like? cold but sh*t I been frozen my whole life
Theres emptiness inside me it's like I sold you my soul twice
Better get your goals right, Stephen with the hawk
I push a button on em talk and its like you watching a strobe light
This ain't a game, hope you handle it right
'Fo them reporters read your name on a news channel tonight
Don't panic when I cover your throat up with both hands
Theres no damage, when you challenging Bruce Banner to fight
You standing with a capo, so pass me the flame
And I'll bring it back to the team just like its capture the flag
Know I'm rolling be half in the bag with the pills stacked up
It's like a horror movie I'll walk and I'll still catch up
But I ain't into all that drama sh*t, you fronting
Ain't nobody trying to see it like Madonna's tits
Let em down.. welcome to the conference
I'm watching you drown, with them bubbles over your head
Its like when they talk in a comic strip
East side animal, handle you with the loose grip
Cuz half of y'all too caught up in front of cameras to do sh*t
Sleeping on 'em, a bunch of Z's like my last name
Thats when you see a body fly through the air like its Max Payne
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