Ambush Buzzworl


[Verse 1: Ambush]
Started (Started)
Started from the bottom, then we charted (Uh)
He was all gang 'til we-, that sh*t was too halfhearted (Uh)
It was all racks on me, racks on me, now hella racks is carded (Racks)
Still hella racks is [?] (Racks)
Off in the deepest darkest
Couldn't see what I seen with glasses (Nah)
Never rat, never told, never crack, never fold
Can't just be a Judas [?] (Levels)
Yeah, you was a [?] for a sec there brudda but we seen how long that lasted (One summer)
Yeah, we seen how strong that heart is (Got none brudda)
Yeah, we seen you let that one there slide
Best hope that the next gets blasted (Why?)
Better hope that the next gets clarted (Ratter)
See the game ain't based on sympathy (Uh)
And that's why your ex gets clarted (Why? Why?)
See she understands how I roll (Uh)
I said, "b*tch, hey, b*tch, I'm a hoe" (Hey, b*tch)
Get me lit, let me go (Get me lit, get me lit, let me go)
Let me know, let me know, let me know, let me know

[Interlude: Ambush, D Double E]
Ooh, ooh (Ayy), Dirty-ty, that's me, me
(Yeah, ayy) Ba-da-bup-bup, ba-da-bup-bup
Ooh, ooh, ba-da-bup-bup, wha?
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