Ambush Buzzworl


[Verse 1]
This that 2Pac, Biggie [?]
Nah, this that Ja Rule, 50 [?]
Nah, this that Drake, Meek Milly
Don't be so silly
I got n*ggas that are really, any block, drop milli
Oh really? (Oh really?)
Said she never met a G so trilly (Huh)
And I never met a girl so petty (Nah)
Like, let a n*gga try me, ahh
(You don't know) Nothin' 'bout nothin'
I got bagged in a dinger wit' a somethin'
Probably best cah I woulda done somethin' (Somethin')
Bust case cah a n*gga one hundred
And my God got me
Ain't no need for that one there, that one wonky
Fly straight, them man are dodgy (Dodgy)
If I deal wit' it, dealt with it properly, got me?

Separate me from them
They're over there, I can't speak on them
My whole life's a casino (Life's a casino)
Don't make me put my P's on them
Separate me from them
I get lean then I lean on them
That's not my amigo (Not my amigo)
I got fam, I don't need no friends (Word)
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