Ambush Buzzworl

"How I Feel"

(Daytrip took it to 10)

I'm a G, it's in my vibe
You can hear it in my voice, the way I talk (Talk, talk)
Ask my brother, I ain't really gotta lie (Gotta lie)
I'll get it crackin', I ain't really with the talk (Talk, talk)
If I don't get filthy rich then I'ma die (I'ma die)
That's how I think and it was just the way I thought
You're a liar and you been livin' a lie (Livin' a lie)
I can hear it in your voice the way you talk (Talk, talk)

[Verse 1]
Huh, I'm addicted to her vibe
She very pretty and I like the way she talk (Talk)
'Member when she used to see me on my bike
She never knew I'll turn the trap into a sport
Now she knows that I'm a different kind of guy
In the Lambo when you see me in Dubai
In the bando when you see me with my guy
Rackers in my shorts, monkey in my socks
On my way to bust a shot, it weren't even 12 o'clock
I weren't even eighteen, I was cleanin' up the block
I was little with a lot, I got hustle in my socks
I'm a G, it's in my drop, tell we're bringin' back the drop (Drop, drop)
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