Ambush Buzzworl

"Bit More"

This one's a bit more me (Uh)
Ayy (What?)
I said, that sounds a bit more me (Uh, what?)
Yeah, this one's a bit more (Yeah)
This one's a bit more me
Yeah (What?) uh

Uh, yeah, this one's a bit more me (What?)
Yeah, I moved to a ten then found out her friend was a bit more me (Bit more)
Pulled up in a Beamer (Beamer) but the Benz was a bit more me (Bit more)
Yeah, we done OT, but the ends, that's a bit more me
She want a bit more G
Said she want a bit more gangster
[?] bit more me
And I think I need a bit more P
Cah we're done with the chat about one M
I think ten M's a bit more me (Ten M's)

[Verse 1]
Uh, yeah, I need ten M's (Ten), nah, I'on need beg friends (No)
I was live up West End, you know I tried and test them (You know I got that, you got that?)
Then I buy then cheffed them
Let it dry then [?] them
Yeah, I said it was ten ten's (Ten)
But lowe that, I pressed them
Can't lie, I pressed her
Let it drive like Tesla
Uh, think it was Manchester
And she said she knew Skepta (Ah, sh*t)
Well now she know Buzzworl
I'm a dumb guy but she's a fun girl
Used to risk it all for a one sale
So what makes you think I want a one girl?
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