Ambush Buzzworl

"Free Rowdy (Skit)"

It was the third day in 1994 when
A-M-B was introduced by the Lord, and (God)
On that day, a legend was born
I just had to put it there just incase it didn't warn ya
The package came from California
The crack is cocaine in the water
I came a long way from a quarter
But I still David Blaine, I'm a performer
My baby mum's crazy, free my daughter
Nah, I'm playin', she's game and I support her
I ain't playing these games, I'm not a pauper
My name is Richard Porter
'Member I was trapping out a dusty
Now a n*gga connected in Saudi
That's how they wanna do me cah they doubt me
Never been moist cah my n*ggas never 'llowed me (Lowe me)
Rowdy, Rowdy, free Rowdy
Rowdy, Rowdy, free Rowdy

[Spoken Word - Ambush Buzzworld, Rowdy]
Jokes, imagine I weren't even recording cuz
Yeah, go on through
Tell them something, my n*gga, tell them something
Yo, you already know what it is, man
A-M-B, ask my brother, Buzzworld (Uh-uh)
You already know what it is, man
Big Rowdy right now doin' that time, you get me?
And keepin' my head up, but you already know what it is, man
Ambush doin' big things this year

Ayy, ayy, I ain't even tryna hear about Ambush
Tell them, tell them something my n*gga 'cause we already know you're the hardest my n*gga
Ayy, should I go through with something?
Go through, go through, go through
Man can't tell me 'bout loosin'
From time, I caught my man lackin'
That time he S'd on Sanchez
Had to just do him up bait on the landing
Man can't tell me 'bout on sight gang sh*t
ROJ, that's numerous splashings
And my darg got nicked with a big S9
Too big, so he coulda not banked it
Man can't tell me 'bout runnin' man down, I've had hella man dashin'
And the council's runnin' through bands, man can't tell me 'bout getting these packs in
Any ting opp, man crash it
Old school [?], man do it on lap wing
And I don't wanna crease up my Airforce but I gotta run a man down on the landing
Man just back out my ying and yang him
Drippin' in sauce? Nah, he's drippin' in carrot
That's numerous months on basic, them times, all I ever wanted was standard
Feel me?
Little light one, little light one, little light one
Feel me? Free up the mandem, you already know
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