Ambush Buzzworl


[Chorus: Ambush Buzzworl]
Been winners (Woah)
Big body gyal and big dinners (Woah)
None of my n*ggas is b*tch n*ggas (No)
All my n*ggas tryna be rich n*ggas (Rich n*ggas)
Uh, money, used to chase a hundred
Now a n*gga turn down six figures
You ain't ever turn down-, uh
You ain't ever turn down chips, n*gga

[Verse 1: Ambush Buzzworl]
You ain't ever turn down (Turn down)
Mad parties that I turned up (Parties that I cracked)
Got bricks gettin' turned round (Turned round)
And we got bridges gettin' burnt up (Bridges gettin' burnt)
I can make your gyal turn round (Sweet one)
And she used to wanna swerve us
I can't lie, I shoulda swerved it (Swerved it)
I'm f*cked up, man, I think I deserve it
It's not worth it
She gave you the condom, she told me she's allergic
Perfect, I'm a rapper, think it comes with the service
Only woulda thought I did it on purpose
Mummy telling me to come to the service (No)
But the word is, they just wanna know what the 'worl is (Buzzworl)
They're just tryna get with the lit n*ggas
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