Ambush Buzzworl

"Tommy Shelby (OutDRILL)"

[Intro: Tommy Shelby & Jessie Eden]
Swear to God, swear to God
She gave me sixpence, she sends me to the shop: margarine, eggs and bread. And I came back...
...with a top hat and a coconut
And that was all the money we had, for the whole f*cking week. And my Mum beat me with a f*cking frying pan
Why the hell did you buy a top hat and a coconut?
Because I thought she deserved it. I thought we all did
And I could never understand... why people like us only had bread and f*cking lard
I wanted to be different. That's all I wanted

[Verse: Ambush Buzzworl]
I said it before and I'll say it again (I'll say it again)
This ain't New York, nah, this ain't Chicago, this is the ends (Ayy, ayy)
Free all my friends (Free all my n*ggas)
They're doing life in the pen, they did it for me and I'll do it for them (Ayy)
She pretty, she peng (She the sweetest one)
Made her hold on to the leng, she did it for me, she won't do it for them (Why?)
Cah we nothin' like them (We nothin' like them man)
Me? I got a heart like ten man (What?)

What you still need? (What?) What you still need?
Pull it back one time (Pull it back for me)
I really said "I" two times and I made that the littiest line (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Throw it back one time (Throw it back for me, throw it back for me)
She gave me the drilliest, I gave her the drilliest
Coulda been done drill but my life's too real (Realer than)
I was in the fields with Phil (Philly)
I was tryna blow with Bill (Billy)
Gang made nuff blood spill
Get down, one kneel, one nil
Two nil, three nil, four- (What?)
I could keep sayin' numbers still
And I'm gonna keep saying numbers still
'Member what I turned down a quarter mil?
'Member when a re-up was a quarter, quarter?
That's a hundred and forty deals
I went Soho with the ten shots and I came back, fourteen bills
I said I came back, fourteen bills (What else?)
Turn a Q and a Q to a half and a half
Two and a Q to a four and a half
I told my soldier, if he hits them, I'ma dice it
We can go halves, just graft
Izzy and Camden? Made us split bars
Izzy and Camden? Made us split b-
Izzy and Camden? So I'm a little bit of c*ckney

You ain't never seen a hundred bags (Bags)
Boy, talk to me properly
All p*ssed cah your girlfriend want me (And she still want me)
I can [?]
Coulda had it choppin' in [?]
We the only n*ggas doin' this indie (Independent)
Now I beg man look at my pinky (Pendant)
Can't even fit on my pinky (What?)
All that bullsh*t better just miss me (What?)
This G-Unit ain't no fifty
You can ask Wilson and you can ask Risky (Ask)
From young, man we're doing it risky, uh
You know 12 like 6 b (Huh)
That's 18 bits, G
Wait, let me do the maths quickly
Quick maths, I'ma be there shortly (Coming now)
Trap smart what G-man taught me (Whaa)
Think large what Gramps done taught me (Whaa)
[?] what Frank done taught me (Whaa)
Big bars what Pros done taught me (Whaa)
Trap hard what SP taught me (Whaa)
I done it all and they saw me (Saw that sh*t)
I will let my actions do the talk to me (For me)
My lifer friends, they still call me
Can't compare, them man corny (Corny)
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