Jacob Latimore

"Coldest Town"

I don't know why I'm here
Or where I am going anymore
Mama tried to save me from the street war
But I don't need no savior, yo I'm good

But if I'm gonna get this paper, I gotta move slow
Steady, stay ready, 'cause it's worth waitin' fo'
Daddy up and left when I wasn't ready
When you're the man of the house, your life is crazy
All the pretty girls be onto me
They be like, "Langston, don't leave,"
But I gotta roll out and chase the streets

Gotta take what you need, yeah (oh)
Walk like u got a purpose (yo)
I can't let 'em see me nervous (oh)
But this right here is the coldest town (you)
You can't let it bring you down

125th street is just another number
Don't sleep and slumber
A jungle but I'm ready to rumble
My third eye go close for anyone
I, I am coming for what's mine
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