Dr. Dre

"O.G 2 B.G"

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]

I was walkin' through the park one day
Puffin’ on a bomb ass J
Welcome to My Homie named Dre
This is what a n*gga had to say

[Verse: 1 Dr. Dre]

I was about 16 years old
Runnin the streets of South Central
n*gga, straight f*ckin' up
Every party that I went to
I had to stuck a frame
For my name is Dre
What the f*ck you say
I think he saw the handle on my .44
When he get seated
22 I was reachin' fo’
I show you how you do when sh*t blow up
1, 2, 3 it's that
Your party over n*gga
Move on to the next one
You should've brought a few mo' n*ggas
For some protection
You f*ckin' with notorious ass G's
You never get passed these
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 think is that we straight dumpin'
That's why I’m always into somethin’
I faded, faded till that n*gga broke
To show that I ain't no motherf*ckin’ joke
? somethin' thought he could check me
But the guard sent his ass directly
Yo, to his G-R-A-V-E
Bein' stupid try to P-L-A-Y me
Yo, listen well to me
Spell it to the underground
Nobody playin' pus*y
So I’m layin' it down
A little somethin' from the motherf*ckin' D.R.E
From O.G. 2 B.G

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