Dr. Dre

"Lost (Freestyle)"

Ain't keeping up with the Jones'
If you condone it then my condolence
I'm tired of us living just for the moment
Only thing I will boast in is His atonement
Can't take it with you when you die
The more you have, the more you leave behind
Your possessions and estate they will divide
And who knows if the ones who get it will spend it wise
I pray we start living for more than what we can buy
Lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and pride of life
It's all to masquerade the real truth, we're dead inside
Let's apply Romans 10 and 9, and come alive
This what I also got a problem with
Those supposing gain to be godliness
Preaching that prosperity gospel
How you the only one prosper off your prosperity gospel
Huh? Is this a House of Prayer or a Den of Thieves
I'm pleading to the LORD that He intervene
I'm beseeching that we cease with all these silly things
And get in alignment, fulfill assignment before we leave
You're looking at an ex people-pleaser
It's funny how following Christ made me a leader
Approval, that's futile, He told us be fruitful, it's crucial
Watching how I spend my time, I'm frugal

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