Dr. Dre

"No Brainer"

[Verse 1: DJ Spuddzz]
In my life, every day is basically a no brainer
I stay away from that type of sh*t, I just go to the gym
And try to make out with my hot trainer
And make claims that I'm Dr. Dre, the pot blazer
When I date her, I'll take her to the pub with no shirt
Drop my worst manners, even act like I don't know her
Never let her see my sweet side till she's seventy-three with weak eyes
And even then, I'll still look like a demonised freak
I'm way too lazy to be capable of writing lengthy verses
So I write some punchlines and freestyle the rest of the words
So you'll never see me rappin' this live
I just say a bunch of words and they happen to rhyme
I have amazing writing skills, my lyrics sick as my health
I ghost-wrote "Rap God" and left this sh*t for myself
And I don't record, I just make Slim Shady rap
The lyrics I write in his fake Australian accent ("Well I do")
I deliberately screwed my life up
Well educated but I'll still choose to try drugs
Super moody, in the right mood to fight thugs
Assume I might punch the dude who lights bud
When it comes to arrogance, I'm the best in the world
But my self-putdowns are forever the worst
I'm always on a roll unless I'm copping sh*t from some arsehole
Like toilet paper, Emkew's lyrics come class gold

[Verse 2: Emkew]
Watch it, waiting, your patients is waiting
You're tired of debatin' if I'm ever gonna weigh in
Writin', rappin', makin' it happen
I'm turnin' the plans that I made into action
So sit down, listen to the big sound
Of the king clown as he gets 'round
To the little fish, now the flown is the middle is the sound
It's a little underground, here's a riddle for you now
How many rappers does it take to awaken
The genius of rap? Yes, the genie in the lamp
Who's been feeding on the clap track? Tedium, I rap
I'm gettin' seedy from a tax, you got a CD for your tracks
I think you need a nap 'fore you leave without a stack
I could live without a sound, leave 'em lyin' on the ground
But I was born to deliver, so I'm quicker with the chat
I'm deliverin' some facts, if you hear 'em, holler back, uh
Picture this, live in a metropolis
Got the choppers and the coppers 'cause I'm on the topper list
All of this 'cause my origin isn't fittin' in
So I gotta think quick [?]
Look at that in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
It's a Superman rap god, fightin' Lois Lane
What a shame, what the fame and the hype and the heights
Always shadow highlights like a candle in the night
Abandoned in a fight, you can empty the chamber
I know these words might sounds strange from a stranger
But if you come close, you can see there's no danger
Love trumps hate, all it takes is some patience

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