How We Do (Freestyle) lyrics


Dr. Dre

You n*ggas see how we do, man
f*ck with [?]
See me
If you don't, n*gga
You heard about it at least
Street [?] sh*t
Desert Storm

This is how we do
You see us standing on the couch when we up in the club
This is how we do
Ziplock full of [?] ten bottles of bub
This is how we do
Click clack, get back, cause we letting [?]
This is how we do
We everywhere

Girls like "how?", I'm like "wow"
[?] shine like [?]
200 dollars, [?]
You get it later, I'm like now
Nothing gonna change, but I just might put a button in the Range
So it hop like a 64
Girls know how I do
But they still coming hot [?] on my di*k [?]
?] the homie from up top with the slick flow
This is Street Family
The whole world finna stop from [?]
If you let mе in the door, then [?]
[?] in the mothеrf*cking club
[?] with the 45 [?] Jordan
Give me more [?]
Big Fabolo Loso, them 2 Tone stones glo so
[?] you are now rocking with the fly guy of NY
[?] the sky
On his way to [?]
[?] suflay, while the banjos play
[?] n*ggas is insane, ?]
[?] OJ, looking at [?] can't go [?]
You don't wanna see the man, OK
You wanna see me doing the same time [?] OJ
But I'm still pushing keys, like piano play
Ten shots [?] hard headed man obey
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