Lil Goat

"Megan Thee Stallion"

Ayo Rain, turn that up

My shooters be wildin'
No Megan Thee Stallion, they ain't got no chill
I see my brother fall victim to xans
So I don't do drugs or pop no pills (no pills)
b*tch, I'm from Florida with n*ggas who strapped
They uppin' and clapped, this is not no drill
You can get sent to the doc like Phil
Ooh, your shorty lookin' hot, no wheels

You want a bag or you want a Birkin
Lil mama got ass, I love how she twerkin'
These n*ggas is mad cause I'm in my bag
You better be 'bout it when you see me in person
All on my Twitter, I see you be lurkin'
But keep stayin' too, my n*gga, I'm workin'
I'm gettin' to it and that is for certain
Snakes in the grass and I'm peepin' the serpents
I feel broken, where's the reverend?
She pop percs like medicine
f*ck your party
Why would I come to your party?
Can't bring my weapon in
Me and my gang, we steppin' in
I'm with my bros, no Jefferson
She gave me her number, but I blocked it
I won't text again
All my n*ggas workin', b*tch
We servin' like we Mexican
I gave her my heart, gave her my all
But then she left again, goddamn
Goddamn, goddamn
You won't catch me in no jam
I been hangin' with the bros, they fam
Free all my brothers that's locked in the jail
I was on highway 20
I was speedin', I was doin' that dash on the interstate
I was gettin' to that bread
I was gettin' to the cheese, I'm tryna get dinner plate
Wanna get the bread
I'mma move ma to a new crib, n*gga
She don't have to renovate
I cannot hang with no fakes
Can't hang with no snakes
Lil n*gga, you bene-fake
She told me, "Please me"
But it ain't that easy
You call me, you need me
Shawty wetter than the Fiji
Move with my bros, call us Mario, Luigi
Now, I'm alone
Just call me when you need me
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