Burna Bandz

"Back Against The Wall"

Long Live WhyS

I'm really in the streets
I play for keeps, n*gga, you don't wanna play wit' me
You get caught up better not tell the police what you seen
You know I'm Burna Bandz, she say I got you on repeat
And she like the way I'm icy the way I'm so clean
She be on that gang sh*t, I got her throwin' 3s
She don't f*ck wit' lame n*ggas, she just drip Celine
I took that lil' b*tch to the crib, I turned her to a freak
I got this XD on my hip and it ain't nothin' sweet
You get hit the wrong way and it's R.I.P
Man these n*ggas they ain't real, I call it how I see
Charge my losses to the streets 'cause there ain't sh*t free
I was trappin' hard I had no time to party on the weekend
24 hours in that bando I ain't get no sleep in
And free my cronem crushin' time, yeah they doin' seasons
I dirtied up my Mountain Dew I'm runnin' on leanin'
Don't trust that b*tch, she real pretty but her looks decievin'
These n*ggas snakes, they undercover, you know how it go
I pop a perc and get big high, you know how it go
She f*ck wit' me but how I know that she gon' ride fo'sho
I'm wit' some killers and I know that they gon' ride fo'sho
We brought the tools and you know that they are not for show
n*gga better play your cards right just like High or Low
And I ain't runnin' from no n*gga, you ain't Five-O
That n*gga f*cked up like a typo
We run 'em down and get him shots just like it's lipo
And I keep Why S in the cut 'cause cronem psycho
And plug send a brick sh*t look albino
Play a n*gga like Tidal
Still f*ck my rivals
And made it this far
Started from a half a ball
Do a drill and we drift off
We don't leave no trace at all
You ain't get no cake at all
And n*gga, that's your fault
I had to go get mine
Back against the wall
I had to go get mine
Back against the wall
You ain't ask if I was fine
I ain't get no call
But I was on my grind
Late night, run that sh*t up
This 45 gon' cut his breath just like a hiccup
This 45 gon' take his soul just like a stick up
And she ain't want me back then 'til I got my drip up
Got family countin' on me, can't afford to slip up
Don't walk up on me that's how you get your sh*t bussed
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