A Breaux’s Tale lyrics


Jazmine Sullivan

One time I'm dealin' with this girl in college
I had about two or three joints at the time
But to be honest, I started to care for this girl, man
I'm like, "Wow, she nice, she cute, she smart"
So like a real man, what do I do?
I'm like, "Okay, well, I gotta grow up, I have to change my lifestyle"
I'm like alright, so I started cooking for this girl, drivin' to her school
Taking her shopping, being out in public with her
I even cut my entire roster for this joint
I really loved her, to be honest
One day, I wеnt up to her, like
"Let's makе this thing official, let's make it real"
And it was crazy because I put all my guards down as a man
'Cause I wanted to be with her
She gon' look at me and she said, "Bro"
When she said "bro", that killed me
Then she gon' say, "Are you getting in your feelings?"
Then have the nerve to say she told me
She was dealing with other people, and I gotta chill
Nah, I was so tight and embarrassed
She pulled a me on me
That's getting me tight right now thinking about it
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