Digga D

"Crib Session"

First part [Intro]

[Verse 1: Digga D]
3-piece in a bag, Kentucky (Tucky)
ST and Banks went live so I got round instantly with the brucky (Bo-boom)
Them boy try run, let off two from the drum
But they never caught none, they're lucky (Lucky)
Press on hammers, I ain't got no manners
His baby mum gave me ucky (b*tch)
I swear that Anti got chinged (Ching)
Gwopz, ST, AD and Tugz and both of them pus*yhole twins (Some di*kheads)
Lightskin made Young TeeWizz swim
Opp block settings, on violent things (Violent)
I'm going equipped, peds and whips, hand on hips
If Jeezy tripped then he would've been p*ssed
If Jeezy tripped then he would've got dipped
Creepz tried draw me out when I was locked in jail
Is he f*cking dumb? (Some di*khead)
How can his bredrin shoot up his yard and nearly murder his mum? (Some di*khead)
That happened a few months back (Back)
And what has he f*cking done? (Some di*khead)
He's wearing General's trackie in Trap Goes Dead
He's a f*cking bum (Ayy)
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