Alter Ego lyrics


Digga D


[Verse 1]
Oi Shotty Shane how you get that name
Just call Double Tap you ain't got no aim
Oi stay in your lane, have you gone insane
When I slap that gauge nearly blew out his brain
Shotgun Shane, mans name for a reason
Creeping, side by side 'gon greet him
Look at him peeping, try Grim Reap him
But who have you bun? I ain't into the speaking
I lit up that crib, Go ask ***
I slapped it at *** I slapped it at *** I slapped it at ***
We slapped it at ***
Bro who you think slapped it at Reko
Double tap love the over and under
8 plus 2 double 1 that's my number
Double tap fling corn at your jumper
Side by side in the ride that's thunder
Rap or Trap?
Digga or Dappz?
Shotgun Shanе or Double Tap?
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