PTSD lyrics


1030 Tuwop

Ayy, pipe up Hoodrixh

[Verse 1]
He run up, he'll on slab
Treat him like dog, he is a lap
These n*ggas actin' so craft
Smokin' on weed, I might just do the dab
I'm hangin' with with killers that come from Vietnam
They won't hesitate to put you on a slab
My n*ggas in first, the opposite in last
I'm smokin' different gunja, I'm in a lab
I walk in the club, the [?] got my strap
We be spinnin' your block and we doin' them laps
Shoulda never slept on me, shoulda took a nap
Every day these n*ggas wearin' them caps
It was back in the day when we was doin' [?]
I be ridin' dirty with a expired tag
Do not get on your kness if you don't know how to gag
Poppin' out my pants it's a еxtended mag
Told the WopBoyz "b*tch, I am thе captain"
I heard these rappers be sappin'
We blow that boy nose, don't need that napkin
He in the field, but he ain't a captain

[Verse 2]
n*ggas cappin' sayin' they gettin' them hoes
n*ggas pus*y, and I swear that I know
I got a chop and it's not homegrown
I'm f*ckin' your b*tch, I don't like how she moan
I'm never lackin', gotta stay with the Chrome
I f*ck on your aunty and her name was Joan
I'm gettin' money, they can't leave me alone
He sneakdissin', we gon' run in his home
b*tch, when I call you, you better answer the phone
I'm in the cut, standing still like a gnome
They pus*y, I cannot condone
I swear to God, I can't leave that b*tch alone
Throw up the Ps, but I am not a Stone
He took them drugs, now his mouth is in foam
The choppers pretendin' like a [?]
I be high as hell, in the air like a drone
He ask for the blessing that he got in his songs
He callin' me "Brother", but he do not know me
Late nights in the trap used to get lonely
Give him a force push like big Kenobi
Only one legend, RIP to Kobe
f*ck all the n*ggas who claim they gon' own me
Smokin' thrax, better pass me the [?]
He took too much boof, now he got a damn nose bleed
[Verse 3]
Flexin' hard like I'm that goat
Buildin' sh*t like a Lego
Catch a ball like a free throw
Peel that boy like a mango
Go with the sky, there is no limit
We got them guns, we got many
We got plenty, pull on your block and act [?]
I don't like many, pull on my side I'm feelin' like Handy
Handy Manny, your b*tch want eat my di*k up like some candy
Yeah, oh, I put that di*k in her belly

Say you slidin' then you don't slide, boy, don't ever lie
Run up on me and you gon' try, guarantee you die
What a surprise, diamonds they cut like some ice
We do that drive, walk down, no drive-by
What do you want? My n*ggas pull up and stunt
With no stunt gun, and we do this sh*t for fun
See a opp, I make 'em run
f*ck on you b*tch, smack her bun
Ha, yeah
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