Everlasting Love (Session Edit) lyrics


Juice WRLD

Lookin' like the devil right now
You got me on another level right now
Ayy, thought you were calmin' me down
Really, you were burnin' me out
Lookin' like the devil right now
You got me on another level right now
Thought you were calmin' me down
You were just burnin' me out

Burn, baby
Burn, baby
It's a lesson to love, learn, baby
All the times they did me wrong
Now I guess it's my turn, baby
In too deep, I fall
I'll give her my all
Just for nothin' in return, baby
Another lesson to learn, baby, yeah

Ayy, brand nеw mindset, brand new year
Ayy, brand nеw b*tch, sh*t brand new year
Ayy, said she love but I can't do, yeah ayy
I can do the sh*t he can't handle, yeah ayy
Pull up on the scene .40 with a beam, yeah ayy
Freddy Krueger me, she all in my dream, yeah ayy
Nothin' what it seems, nothin' what it seems, yeah ayy
Perky with the lean, perky with the lean, yeah
Been a long while since I fell in+love b*tch, ayy
Been a long while since I've been off the drugs b*tch, ayy
But tonight's a new night and it feels right
Feel like ima wolf dancin' in the moonlight
If the mood right, I could prolly f*ck a b*tch damn near all night
Went to Austin to LA, that's a short flight
Just to fly back to Chicago, get some Off-White, ayy, ayy, ayy
Ballin' while you off sides, ayy, ayy, ayy
Surfin' like its high tide, ayy, ayy, ayy, ha
Ayy, I connect like wi-fi, b*tch you fake like sci-fi
Tried to kill me, nice try, ayy, ayy
I think I may get caught up tonight, baby girl
Are you tryna f*ck tonight, baby girl?
Are you tryna suck tonight?, yuh
Hit my hotel, what's up tonight?
I think that I may get caught up tonight
Baby, are you still tryna f*ck tonight?
Lady, are you still tryna suck tonight?, yuh ,yuh, yuh
What's up tonight yo?
That sh*t relevant, uh
Ballin' super hard, yeah uh, meddlin', huh
Feel like Scooby-Doo, I'm with my kids we meddlin', yeah ayy
Rock bandin' Metallica heavy metal sh*t, yeah ayy
New car I got it out the dealer, yeah ayy
You full of pain while ima heal her, ayy ayy
f*ck her face, I f*ck up her concealer, yeah ayy
Beauty's in the eye of the revealer, yeah or Bahota, huh
Young n*gga but I'm flexin' like I'm OTA, huh
Life's a freezer, I just hopped out I'm colder, yeah
And my heart stone cold like a boulder, yeah
Don't believe all the lies that they told you, yeah
Don't believe all the souls that they sold you, yeah
I'ma march on this sh*t like a solider, yeah
Like I'm 'posed to I'm Kobe when I'm dunkin', put your b*tch on a poster, yeah
Heartbreak kid, got my heart fixed quick
Scratch his ass off lil love quick pee
I ain't got time for these others hoes
I just want another hoe to f*ck on some real quick sh*t
Just give me a quickie in the Jeep, lemme park
Dad just walked in witchu on bruh, huh
I've been goin' hard, he know I go hard
I've been pullin' cards
I feel like Chris Breezy how a n*gga stomp the yard, .40 tear his ass apart
I'ma dog, bark
Iron on my hip b*tch no Tony Stark
Flyer than a b*tch, hey no Bonaparte
Hey, this b*tch got me f*cked up, ayy
And these drugs got me f*cked up, ayy
Yeah I fell in love so what? yeah
I ain't really know no better, ayy
Love b*tch she got me f*cked up, ayy
And these drugs got me f*cked up, uh
Yeah I fell in love, but I ain't really know no better
I could still get the b*tch wetter
Balenciaga all on my sweater
Hit her one time then I jet her
Like damn b*tch I could do better
Knock the pus*y out Mayweather
And I'm hotter than Mayweather
VVS like slay-weather
These n*gga's ain't straight gay-weather, ayy, uh
Ballin' like I'm Michael, swim it like— wait
Swim it like Michael you gon' die, yeah, ayy
My hand on my rifle, triple 9, yeah, ayy
Only number that I know— huh, ayy, ayy
She got me f*cked up but at the end of the night I still get sucked up, ayy
Told her I don't give no f*cks, at the end of the day it's all love, haha
She just text me, tellin' me that she loves me
Prettiest girls be ugly, I don't got time, I just got— yeah, woah
She just text me, tellin' me that she loves me
The prettiest hoes be ugly, ew
b*tch don't touch me, ew
Yeah, she text me, tellin' me that she love me
The prettiest hoes be ugly, ew
Please don't touch me, ew
b*tch I'm off the pills
Mix it with the liquor, sh*t it get too real
f*ck one perc, b*tch, I took two pills, ayy
Eat me up, no Happy Meal
Hey sign my name, no crappy deal
Hey, check the cash, got a couple mil, huh
In the bag, ayy, Ksubi jeans, uh, up tight don't sag, ayy
Boppy jean, uh, I don't wear that, huh
Fake clothes you should take this sh*t back, ayy
Rock designer boy this sh*t be mismatch, huh
But it still go together, uh
Rihanna with this sh*t umbrella
Ayy, what?
I could prolly f*ck her whenever, uh, ayy
I could prolly f*ck her forever, yeah, what
I've been gettin' high since forever
I remember my first day of highschool
Had a b*tch wetter than a f*ck swimmin' pool
Makin up with these moves
What are you gon' do? yeah
b*tch what do you do? I make moves
W, W, W, I won't lose
Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, these b*tches gon' choose
These hoes gon' do what they do, ayy
Ion got time, nah, not for you
I just wanna eat, take you out for 2, ayy, ayy
Take that b*tch up on a dinner date, woah-oh
I said “f*ck it” took her back and f*cked her face, woah-oh
She holds me too close, yeah
Baby girl you gotta let go, yeah
Just let me grow, yeah
I don't even wanna go there
Maybe we should take it slow, yeah
Maybe you should play your role, yeah
These situations get the best of me, uh
And then the perkies get the rest of me, oh
I'm makin' music got the recipe, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
I think this b*tch got the best in me, ooh
She keep on cardiac arrestin' me, ooh
She tellin' me that I should rest in peace
Ooh, ooh, oh-oh-oh, ooh, uh
I'm on top no bottom
Raw dog a b*tch no condom
If she get pregnant that's a problem, oh-oh-ooh
Luckily I got the problem solvers yeah
Six shots in my gun that's a revolver, yeah
Had to keep them f*ck n*gga's off her, yeah
This b*tch, uh
Lemme tell you somethin' about this b*tch, uh
Had me in love in an instant, ayy
I love her smell like incense, yeah
Ayy, what, ayy, this b*tch, uh
Lemme tell you somethin' bout this b*tch
Every time that she leaves I miss it, yeah
She comes back and let me hit it, yeah, yeah

Ridin' 'round with the chopper it's all over me, uh
I cannot f*ck with you n*gga no, you not my homie, yeah ayy
I told you I'd do this sh*t by my motherf*ckin' lonely, yeah ayy
I don't really got no time for a phoney, hoo
Not my homie, yeah, ayy
That lil b*tch say that she want me, ayy
I remember rockin' Abercrombie
Now its Murakami mixed with the Givenchy
Can't nobody stop me, yeah, ayy
Spent a band on a fit that's a sunday
Spent 10 bands on a fit on a monday
Then the club goin' up on a tuesday
Caught him lackin' yesterday that was doomsday, yeah
You want smoke, we got that too, yeah
.40 ink like a tattoo, yeah
She tell me that I'm that dude, yeah
Where was you back in highschool?
Huh? haha, oof
Where was you back in highschool? ooh
I just smack that b*tch
Brand new, why these n*gga's tryna act brand new?
b*tches doin' sh*t that they can't do, can't handle
.40 hit him in his brain make it scramble, yeah
Uh, yeah, what?
Brand new, why these b*tches tryna act brand new? ayy
n*gga's doin' sh*t that they can't do
.40 in the brain make it mothaf*ckin' scramble, yeah
Had my heart broke, hit the right notes, then I got signed, oh yeah
That's a bad hoe, I'm a as*h*le, f*ck it from behind, oh yeah
Let the gun blow, like a gun show, I'm on go-mode, oh yeah
She's a freak hoe, this a freak show with a Go-Pro, oh yeah
I'm a new guy with the same old damn tactics
Make em' disappear like magic
If I catch him down, blam traffic, yeah
I'ma let them have it, this the life of a heartbroken savage
Slash rockstar, smash, bad b*tch, huh
Only want me for the cash, addict, huh
That lil b*tch she sayin that she need me
Ima put the molly in the fiji
I stay with my brothers like Luigi
I'ma move the board like a ouija, yeah, ayy
She said that she need me, yeah
I just need the molly and the fiji, yeah, wait
I stay with my brothers like Luigi, yeah
Run up you get board like a ouija, yeah

Ooh, I lost my brother last year I was so bad, yeah
I was so sorry I tried to talk to that n*gga through an ouija board, ayy
Get too drunk, can't talk
Get too high, can't walk
Demons on me, get off
R. Kelly p*ssed off
I'm gone on crystal
Diamonds no crystal
n*gga's think they funny Chris Rock
They ain't gettin' no money, b*tch stop
That's your boyfriend, why he always front woah, woah
Run up on me you get 2 out the gun woah, woah
Heat up on my hip it look like the sun woah, woah
Try to rob me n*gga, I'm not the one woah, woah
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

My momma said the devil wears prada
I found out my b*tch wears prada, yeah, yeah
Told her I don't no problems
I thought you was my problem solver, yeah, ayy
All these drugs I be off of them without her here I'm awesome, yeah
She give me powers like austin, she give me powers like Austin, ayy
A wise man once told me that love don't find me I find love, ayy
A junkie once told me that drugs won't find me I find drugs, yuh
I'm in the club lookin' like the outlet, shoes ain't out yet, b*tch I'm the plug, yeah, ayy
Rip my heart out of my chest put it onto my music get no love, hey
I go through so damn much
I told her that I give no f*cks
Why, why do you make me feel this way? ayy
Why, why did you take your love away? yeah
Why, why did you take my drugs away? b*tch
Why? why? why?
I don't know why, but everyday I've been gettin' high
I roll a couple up and touch the sky
She tell I'm not like those other guys
I tell her “ion even really try”
I'm on some different sh*t, yeah
I need a different b*tch, yeah
f*ck a relationship, yeah
I do not need that sh*t
But ima prolly keep that sh*t up
Sip it I won't throw that sh*t up
Codeine ima pour that sh*t up
Ima need some more of it, yeah
Too damn high, waste my money don't waste my time
Check my wrist b*tch, triple 9
Can't you tell that that's a sign?

I turn my hell upside down
You lookin' like the devil like right now
She lookin' like the devil right now, uh
You really lookin' like the devil right now, uh
You really lookin' like the devil right now, uh
You really lookin' like the devil right now, uh
You got me on another level right now, uh
You really lookin' like the devil right now, uh
You got me on another level right now, uh
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