Loose screw (Full Song) lyrics


Juice WRLD

Sippin' on my codeine, yeah, b*tch
Puffin' like Norman, yeah, b*tch (Oh yeah, TyMadeIt)
Thuggin' like Norman (Ya dig?), ayy

She thinkin' that she know me
Prolly get her wetter than your Chlorine, ayy
Used to take Percs or the morphine
f*ck Xanax, I need more beans, ayy
I was on the scene with a new tool, uh
Glock with a beam, Freddy Krueger in your dreams
Young n*gga, yeah, I'm really youthful, ayy
Get on your knees, b*tch, useful, ayy
I never love you, I lose you, ayy
I never lovе you, I use you, ayy
I'ma beat it up, I abuse you, ayy
Thеn we gon' fall off like a loose tooth, ayy
Got her on the molly like Hannah Montana
Boolin' out in Cali' like a red bandana
Handy Manny with that tool, but I'm a loose screw
Make a way, for the drip, this the new school, ya dig?
I don't plug walk, I left the drip talk, uh, ayy
Pull up on the scene with the AR, uh, ayy
Leave a n*gga layin' in a graveyard, uh, ayy
Prolly put him right next to Nate Dogg, uh, ayy
I'ma ball hard just like Chris Paul, uh, ayy
n*gga, you ain't funny, you ain't Chris Rock, uh, ayy
But yo' show is ugly like you Chris Bosh, uh, ayy
R. Kelly with it, come get p*ssed on, uh, ayy
I've been ballin' like a f*ckin' Piston, uh, ayy
f*ck with me and I'ma leave you miss armed, uh, ayy, huh
Shoot once, I ain't miss, oh
Your girl tryna give me a massage
Call her friends over for a ménage
All sucked me too good, my god, yeah
It's a party when I walk in the room
Balenciaga on my shoes
Bussin' off them percs, I'm on sixty
I just bought a Glock with the titty
Pull up on scene like, damn
Pretty n*gga shootin', you just may get Pretty Ricky
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