Juice WRLD

"Stashed Away*"

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[Chorus: Young Thug]
I just did a weekend jitt, and I caught me three new b*tches
Before you knew Dapper Dan, b*tch I was grandpa drippin' (On God)
I had a million dollars stashed away, in a spot on the westside (Woo)
I bullet proofed the whole car, the stickers on the windows and all of the tires

[Verse: Juice WRLD]
...You and your [?] it sound like you ready
I told the b*tch to go swallow my kids
I don’t even wanna have no family
It's me and Thugger, we rulin' the planet, yeah
We goin’ harder than granite
Money old enough to f*ck up your granny, yeah
I may go f*ck on your granny

[Verse: Young Thug]
The Rolls Royce is grey, I've been callin' it gravy
I copped the Lamb' truck, and that b*tch panoramic
I'm f*ckin' on lil' shawty momma and granny
I'm takin’ her space and that squish me like sandwiches
f*ck what I did, and f*ck all the damage
I’m tryna kill you, and your kid, and your mami
I just told the judge, man f*ck what you talkin' and f*ck what you sayin’
I'm smokin' these [?]
These Perkys these Xannies, I'm pourin’ up this Activis
I'm feelin' these Xans everytime, yeah
I fingered this ho while we ride, yeah
I'm 'bout to expose you with rhymes, yeah
I came out the slum with these guys, yeah
I slept in the woods with the guys, yeah
Get out the way when they come, yeah
I caught they whole crew and then shot...

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