Juice WRLD

"Inner Peace"

I lost, I lost
I lost, I lost

Lost my mind, trapped in me
I don't know what's happening
I've been space traveling
Tryna find some inner peace, inner peace

[Verse 1]
Welcome to my abyss
Filled with sins and trifiling
Fake friends, I hate them
Delete them all, erase them
I'm getting lost in my abyss
Trials, stipulations and suffering
Mayhem will break them
Words from the evil faces

Drugs will fade them (Away)
Pop three, I lace them (Away, away, away)
Welcome to my abyss (Welcome, welcome, welcome)
Pain and suffering (Welcome, welcome, welcome)

Lost my mind, trapped in me
I don't know what's happening
I've been space traveling
Tryna find some inner peace, inner peace

[Verse 2]
It's pain in those words, you can hear it when I talk
But what's a life to live if you ain't got no risk involved?
And what's a slit to make if you ain't got no wrist involved?
Mixin' pills with the liquor, f*ck, I'm finna risk it all
Still a cool dude, too smooth, just like olive oil
Known to pop pills, pop n*ggas and pop ollies, boy
And pop wheelies, ghost ride it, my mind is enlightened
I'm highest, the highest, don't need no ghost writer
b*tch I speak for myself, but my health ain't my wealth
'Cause I'm rich in my bank, but I'm bad with myself
Bombin' like a kamikaze, I'm the sh*t to these hoes
I set the play, these n*ggas flock, they settin' picks for me, ho
I came in killin', I'm really f*ckin' the industry up
These n*ggas shady, they really leavin' me mentally f*cked
Trapped inside the abyss with a bad b*tch in the front
With a blunt in my mouth and some purple codeine in the cup

Way spazzin' on they asses in all type of ways
Pop a couple Percs to take my life away
Nah, just a lighter day, just a brighter day
She doin' all the lines, she had a whiter day
Freestylin', no writers, ayy
That mean when the songs come out I get paid
No cuts, give no f*cks
I show out before I even go and show up

[Verse 3]
So what? I drink Henny till I throw up
So what? It's red lean in that white cup
Pull up on 'em like beep, that's a tow truck
Choppa on me like damn, n*gga, don't duck
Duck, goose when I catch 'em
n*ggas askin' questions, stop throwin' hatchets
Never had a father, always been a bast*rd
f*ck with me I'll beat your ass, your head is in a plaster
They don't make sense like spelling rich backwards, I'm madder
Run up, that's okay your head is on a platter
Outta space off the codeine, I'm on Saturn
n*ggas got it backwards, dyslexic patterns
I don't believe in you n*ggas, a n*gga atheist
Say this I spray it, say it don't spray it
I'll spray it don't say it, presidential brain from your main, S. Palin
Pull up on the scene, judge a n*gga no bailiff
Flow go cold, shine like VVS, n*gga f*ck rose gold
It's like 50k inside my wardrobe
I get new b*tches, these n*ggas f*ck worn hoes
You a whore, ho, you know it, I don't gotta say it
Pull up on the scene, my choppa just like Alizé
Pop it like a bottle, I f*ck on a model
I don't wanna f*ck if that b*tch don't plan to swallow
I told her boyfriend he could swallow all the hollows
Don't believe me, send your location I'll be there tomorrow

Lost my mind, trapped in me
I don't know what's happening
I've been space traveling
Tryna find some inner peace, inner peace

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