Juice WRLD

"Gun In The Bag (w/ Freestyle)"

Lyrics from snippet
Gun in the bag, gun in the bag, yeah, uh
Keep me a gun in the bag, right next to my mask, yeah, uh
Now time to take off on these n*ggas like [?]
Kill their ass hard like Adolf
Rest in [?] with the codeine and the fuego, yeah
Uh, huh

Ay, rest in p*ss, freestyle my flows
Freestyle my hoes
Ball like Derrick Rose on these hoes lets go
Run up on me I blow, uh
My charm like fe-fi-fo, uh
Mister take you're ho, uh
Cocaine make it snow, uh
Sell that on the low, uh
Don't let nobody know, uh
My flow go so f*ckin' cold I might just be an eskimo
Yo ho is my side ho on another day she my extra ho
Why these b*tches tweakin' in my DMs actin' extra for?
Takin' 'bout "they my wifey", I don't even know you Trifling ho

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