Juice WRLD

"Forever Part 2"

[Chorus: Juice WRLD & Yuna]
Forever in my mind, only you
Swoo, ayy, ayy that's forever forever
The pieces in my life go away with you
Swoo, swoo, forever ever ever
Forever in my mind only you
Forever forever, ayy ayy
The pieces in my life go away with you
My n*gga Jordan done told his story you feel me
Forever in my mind only you
sh*t, we wasn't sharing the same story
The pieces in my life go away with you
We want it forever forever but now I don't f*ck with forever
Forever in my mind only you
For real, you see
The pieces in my life go away with you
My mans Jordan done got his, I don't need mine
Look, ayy ayy ayy

[Verse 2: Juice WRLD]
I say f*ck her forever f*ck her forever f*ck her then it's forever, ayy ayy
Do it whenever my wrist is so cold that it may change the weather
f*ck being together I just wanna f*ck then I pass you whenever
f*ck her once hit the blunt then I may pass that lil' b*tch to my brethren
Spittin' like a pastor on this track they calling me Juice the reverend
All these b*tches tweakin' take them to school then I'm teaching them lessons
Juice the pretty boy just walked in the gun with a Smith & Wesson, ayy ayy
Talking stupid get a Glock or a tommy straight to your intestines
Baby I'm flexing I do not need you anymore
You playing games, girl thats cool
f*ck around you should check the score
All of my n*ggas getting money for sure
Talking that sh*t then I kick through your door
f*ckin' your b*tch and I treat like a whore
Getting this money haven't seen before
Look at me swag, look at me splash
I'm on your ass, ayy ayy
You're in the past
I do not love you I don't need your ass, ayy ayy
Hit it and pass
I'm in the Jag swervin' real fast, ayy ayy
I get the money, I am in love forever with the cash, ayy ayy
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