Juice WRLD


I love codeine but I gotta let go
She know she too special
Red, sometimes purple
Eyes red and heavy
I love codeine I don't wanna let go
She know she too special
That's when you have relationships you want last forever
But you know it's not gon' last at this second

[Verse 1]
Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea
That's what I mean yea, that's what Ima do poppin' sh*t up
I need some more, maybe like 3 , cost every 4
f*ck on a b*tch, she from the stu'
I don't know her name but she can't, she love my tunes
f*ckin' that b*tch in the back of the room
I see her dancin' off of the shrooms
Damn, I'm gettin' sidetracked back to the lean
Walk hard that's a beautiful feeling
Remember we was young and wit them xans
Now I'm doing it with styrofoam in my hand
High tech is a beautiful feeling
I'm stressed start mixin' up my feelings
Yup, that's what the lean's for
I already poured the cup
Cups I think I need a couple more
I swear to god that sh*ts the worst
??? to the dirt
If I don't have it I get p*ssed and then my stomach start to hurt
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