Juice WRLD

"Narcotics (Full)"


Woke up gettin' green, had the blues
Had a lot of problems, took 'em to the stu' (Yeah)
Winning everyday, what the f*ck is lose? (Yeah)
Narcotics in my body, I done took a few, God damn
Don't be a fool, God damn
Don't follow rules, avoid 'em
Break hearts, destroy 'em

[Verse 1]
I'm a killer I'm a murderer (Ayy, I'm a murderer)
She told me she never heard of us (Never heard of us)
You can smell us when we pullin up (When we pullin up)
All we smoke is skunk roll it up (Skunk roll it up)
You say you gangbang throw it up
You don't roll with us, you don't roll with us
I'm a culprit, I don't pray for no-one
f*ck that cold sh*t, run up on me big guns
You get offed quick, pull that off switch
Thankin god that I made it out that mud sh*t
n*ggas gay they droppin soap they on they sus sh*t
I'm like 2Pac with the juice I'm on my thug sh*t
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