Ally Loves You J (Interlude) [Instagram live] lyrics


Juice WRLD

Um, someone asked me what my favorite song from Jarad is, and I- I can't tell- I- there is- I have so many.
Like so many, like from when I- like so many from before we were together.
So many after we like- while we were together.
You know what I mean, like, and we were like breaking boundaries then.
So, that and like, that was such a big part, like me and Jarad and Max um and CJ, would be in thе studio a lot, um and we really tried to likе create different kind of like genre- genre barriers.
And, Jarad was doing it no f*cking problem, so I can't wait for that music to be able to come out for you guys, and yeah.
Cause that's just a lil- like what I- what I have a little bit of, is nothing compared to like..
And like even the last song he ever made, I remember the last song he ever made, uh, uh, I remember he woke me up, uh, literally out of bed, "Come listen babe, come listen," cause he made a song- it was obviously for me uhuh.
So I would come listen, wakes me up at 4 AM, 6 AM, and he knows I'm literally mad, because his ass should've been in bed by 4 AM, that was the rule, he could stay in the studio all day, all night I don't care.
I'll come in, I'll be there, I'll be home, I won't go anywhere, but you need to be in bed and you need to eat, and you need to be in bed before 4 AM.
So, his slick ass always got me by waking me up at like 5 or 6 with the song made for me, "Babe wake up, I just finished this song," and I'd be like, "Uh," and then look at the time and be like, "Jared," and he'd be like, "No come here," and I'm like "Alright," and then I'd go and, so yeah I'll never forget walking into the studio, and um, listening to the last song he was able to record.
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